The finishing process may bring about a variation in the colour of a stone as well as enhancing the unique qualities of each piece of stone to highlight  its finest aspects.

The main finishes offered by Moro Serizzo are:

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Antique finish

An antique finish creates the sought-after rustic appearance of a hand-tooled, well-worn matte surface aged by time and use.

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Natural cleft

The natural cleft finish has an irregular, rough look with an uneven surface that enhances all the natural characteristics of the stone.


Hand punched

Punch marks applied entirely by hand are an important characteristic of traditional stone craftsmanship; the same time- honoured aesthetic effects cannot be achieved through machine tooling.



Bush hammering enhances the texture of the stone by conferring a rustic uneven chiseled appearance which does not significantly affect the colour.



Flaming is used to obtain a natural-looking and moderately rough textured surface with pale colours.


Shot blasted

Shot blasting creates a very attractive, uniform, and slightly undulating  matte surfaces as well as softening the colour.



Smoothing enhances the texture and colours of natural stone and creates a smooth flat surface that can range from matte to semi-gloss.



Polishing a surface tends to enhance the natural colour of stone. It holds up well over time for all types of granite, especially those with a fine-grained compact structure.

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This is the original surface obtained after sawing a block of stone and is often subjected to further finishing. It has a semi-smooth and rather regular appearance. Washing with a high-pressure jet of water removes any residue, and brightens the colour but leaves a dull finish.



Brushing gives the stone a slightly wavy, matte texture with an orange peel effect that is extremely compact and pleasant to the touch. It is often associated with other finishes, such as after flaming to create a softer matte appearance.

water jet

Water Jet

A water jet finish allows for a wider variety of options through varying the intensity of the high-pressure jet of water to accentuate the unevenness or regularity of the surface. It creates a soft finish on granite but does not affect the colours of the stone.